We work with a strategic approach and a clear vision expressed through conceptual design.
We look at each project as a challenge and an opportunity, and try to find the best idea and visual solution for it.

We believe in a conceptual, simple, and creative design.


Jordi Blanch, Eduard Duch, Óscar Garrote, Andrés Rosa, Marc Fiol, Raimon Mercadé, Fabiola Ureña & Maria Arola.


Graphic Identity
Crafting a unique presence that reflects your company's essence.
Art Direction
Art direction brings your creative vision to life.
From concept development to final production, we ensure that your project is executed with precision.
Packaging Design
Our packaging and label design services help your brand stand out and attract potential customers.
Editorial Design
We create visually appealing layouts for articles, magazines, and books, as well as enhance the user experience through typography and graphics.
Communication Campaigns
Collaborating to develop effective strategies and execute creative campaigns that drive engagement and deliver results.
We base our strategy on asking the right questions. Together, we will achieve your desired outcomes.
Web Design
We amplify contact points with brands through
easy-to-use, attractive websites with simple navigation.
Atipus Studio