The intersection of the avant-garde and tradition, between the artisan trade and the contemporary look.

Espadrilles from La Rioja

Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio

The city of Arnedo is well known thanks to its thriving footwear industry. Despite the size, this small municipality of La Rioja has a broad industrial infrastructure essential to the local economy.

Gaimo, one of the numerous companies located in the area, was formed more than 40 years ago as a shoe handicraft workshop specialized in Espadrilles.

Founded by José Luis and his wife Esmeralda, the company moved on and became an established brand that distributes footwear to more than 150 countries worldwide. Loyal to its own roots, Gaimo has prospered and achieved an own identity beneath the superficial trends of the market.

Nowadays, the business has been transferred to the four daughters of José Luis, who manage the company and ensure its effective family-run continuity.

They contacted us with the intention to update their website and implement online sales, but after analysing the business history, we understood that it would make no sense to just enable online shopping as an add-on on their webpage. Up until then, the company’s values had not been properly broadcasted, and they needed to be consolidated in order to build a distinctive brand.

Beyond website’s redesign, our purpose was to highlight Gaimo as a family-owned company with a deep understanding of tradition in handicraft production, but also committed with the continuous innovation of all their product lines. The conceptual baseline should stand by the brand’s features, in a junction between vanguard and tradition, to reflect an artisan handicraft background as well as a contemporary approach.

Accordingly, we redefined the brand marketing communication channels. Starting with redesigned graphics, we established an art direction ranged from publishing campaigns to product photography.

At that point, we were ready to issue weekly press releases and activate the social networks content. Aside from implementing the online shopping, we concretized the brand presence and turned an online store display into a quality broadcast platform focused on outstanding Gaimo’s guidelines.

Overall, we have improved the brand perception among retailers and end customers, enhanced the social networks audience, attained a sale increase and reinforced the values of a family-owned business that engages the future while relying on tradition.

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