A campaign to spread awareness about an initiative that aims to promote the entrepreneurial ability of women.

Entrepreneurs Award

Madrid’s City Hall

Memory vs Memories: a two-sided story.

Annual Report 2020


A legacy for the future.

La Manual Alpargatera

An update on La Manual Alpargatera’s strategy, corporate identity, and website to face future challenges.

Quality light for better living.


A new direction for the Catalan lighting company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

The transformation of a capital that moves towards the future.

Madrid in progress

Madrid’s City Hall

This is a fresh and fruity wine which is bottled before its fermentation is finished. Therefore, it must be consumed within a short space of time.

Vi Novell

Celler Masroig

Publication about the history, tradition and uses of saffron.

El Safrà

Obrador Edèndum, 2019

Atipus Studio