Margarita Salas Awards

Promoting Scientific Research in Madrid.

Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio

Fueling the Future

The promotion of scientific research is paramount for the future, not only because it propels economic and social development but also because it fosters innovation, generates new job opportunities, and drives the creation of industries that successfully attract and retain talent.

With the aim of continuing to raise awareness of this important work, the Madrid City Council approached our studio to craft the campaign for the 3rd edition of the Margarita Salas Awards. These awards celebrate and amplify the best doctoral theses in scientific research defended by students from universities in the Community of Madrid.

Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio

Through the Lens of Discovery

To champion this edition, we drew inspiration from the discoveries made by scientific researchers as they peer into the world through the lens of a microscope. Just as they delve into the intricacies of numerous subjects, our objective was to delve into their achievements and contributions while capturing the very essence that drives their work.

By incorporating compelling images directly linked to their fields of study, our goal was to illuminate the work represented by these doctoral dissertations and accentuate the brilliance behind these scientific breakthroughs.

Shaping the Future

In an effort to craft a recognisable message that is both simple and effective, we opted to base our campaign on the perspective of the microscope. Through this lens, we unveiled a world of captivating shapes and colours, effectively drawing attention to the promotional messages and registration for the awards.

In total, 404 projects were submitted, and out of these, 388 were accepted to compete in the following categories: Basic Sciences, Life Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. Each project represents a significant stride in scientific research, shaping the future in its unique way.

Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio
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