Quality light for better living.

A new direction for the Catalan lighting company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

Quality light for better living

LedsC4 is a Catalan lighting company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Known for its commitment to providing “quality light” for all kinds of clients and projects, LedsC4 has recently undergone a rebranding by studio Mucho. This effort aims to reposition the brand towards a more inspirational and humane universe that aligns better with its present values and future ambitions.

2022 will hence be a year of transition. LedsC4 communication department approached our studio to help them implement the new verbal and visual identity guidelines on the campaigns announcing their latest products, collections and catalogues.

Make us visible

Design, technology, connectivity and innovation are at the heart of LedsC4 DNA. They genuinely are problem solvers with an attentive and dynamic customer service. The team of experts behind this company understands the importance of being flexible and finding personalised lighting solutions for clients, whose projects may sometimes be very complex.

Therefore, our role encompassed developing an engaging and coherent campaign visual language that would allow LedsC4 to cement the global perception of the brand and reach specific goals. Among the latter was the ambition to increase service subscriptions, bring more visibility to the new products and collections and achieve a more substantial digital presence.

So, where do we start?

Consistency, sensibility and honesty

At the start, our main priority was to create a consistent and compelling design throughout LedsC4 new collections campaigns. We defined three transversal graphic codes: typography (Akkurat typeface), colour (sometimes used with a gradient treatment) and image. When applied correctly, combining these elements results in a friendly, dynamic and original language.

Another important aspect was dealing with a broad visual universe, ranging from images of a very technical nature to more inspirational/creative moods. We decided to create layouts that enhanced the art direction diversity, encompassing product and lifestyle photography, product renders and video pieces. The veil that unites them all is simplicity, warmth and sensibility.

Finally, we worked with the copywriter Francisca Torres to find an authentic voice that would speak to clients with a friendly and constructive tone while offering expert insights and creative inputs to their projects.

A new digital brand

LedsC4’s new direction is still underway but is starting to come to life through Newsletters, social media and digital campaigns, collections, landing pages and website banners. The renewed brand will champion the company’s ability to partner with clients and help them find the best solution for their projects with creativity, intelligence and inventiveness.

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