Madrid in progress

The transformation of a capital that moves towards the future.

Madrid’s City Hall

Development plans for the upcoming years

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city and the 3rd most populous community in Spain. A place that is home to more than 6 million habitants and hosts almost 5 million annual visitors. There, multiple realities and actors converge and consequently, like any other one, needs to reinvent itself by looking ahead.

Lately, its town hall has been working with the intention of making it an increasingly sustainable space, with fluid communication between its neighbourhoods and better infrastructure. Still, these improvements often generate setbacks in the routines of its residents.

There is a bright future ahead

To keep them aware of the works that are taking place, we worked in “El Madrid que viene” a campaign that assesses the effort to improve different locations of the capital and shares the reports of its details and related plans.

Faced with a city that improves to be more sustainable, preserves its public space, and provides its inhabitants with equipment for a better living, we found a greater challenge: How to let its people know that these temporary inconveniences pursue the common good?

Bringing optimism and renewal

We made sure to cut through the noise with a visually recognizable campaign matching our messages with the form and function of displays around the capital.

Our main goal was to inform about the improvements that the Works and Equipment Area has underway but, mainly apologize for the inconveniences that these could cause in the citizen’s routines.

Towards a more sustainable and connected future

Having in mind such a clear promise, we worked on it using an equally recognizable language. Using a vibrant colour combination and a compressed typeface, we created a recognizable system to reflect that, what today can be considered an inconvenience, tomorrow will be a renovated street, a paved road, or new amenities.

The campaign lets anyone identify the works and differentiate them from those of other owners, through a graphic that was adapted to posters, billboards, screens, and a website where they can consult the current works, impacted streets, and alternatives in the event that transport is interrupted, and also new equipment in the districts.

A new Madrid is already underway, a Madrid that evolves at the pace set by its citizens

Atipus Studio