Inspired in Barcelona: Milano

To express mediterranean design through feelings.

Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio

The reputation of the Mediterranean culture is enviable. The landscape, the variety of gastronomic specialities and the mild climate make it commonly renowned worldwide. However, other highlights like the design industry stand out only in specialized sectors.

Since more than thirty years ago, Barcelona Center of Design (BCD) endeavours to bolster and improve the visibility of our local design culture beyond the borders of the Iberian Peninsula. Among other marketing strategies, BCD carries out initiatives like Inspired in Barcelona, a travelling exhibition which similarly to the international design weeks, promotes the best Catalan designers, agencies and companies.

Throughout more than four years we have been continuously working together with BCD. In this occasion, we had before us a proposal to develop the exhibition concept as well as the graphic communication and signage for Inspired Barcelona.

Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio

Together with Emiliana Interior Design Studio and bearing always in mind the claim Mediterranean Design, we outlined a groundwork that would support Mediterranean design culture from a nuanced and accurate perspective and at the same time enable its positioning in the international scene.

Based on the distribution of extensive text content, we provided an intellectual and sensory glance around four key concepts: Warm, Diverse, Open and Emotional. These four intrinsic values of the Mediterranean culture set down the pillars of a whole working methodology far beyond any particular perspective.

Intended to let the content stand out from its surroundings, we focused in the creation of a balanced and measured graphics system which pointed to the pieces. In order to avoid the interference of literal images, we designed a signage based on typographical boards printed on local materials and the use of a sober colour palette. This arrangement allowed us to set the graphics far from the usually associated Mediterranean stereotypes and provided a spatial area centered on the pieces while it created a sophisticated environment.

The project carried out by Inspired Barcelona gave us the chance to collaborate with a promotion platform which reverberates through many countries and cultures. Within a selection of the top national talents, the exhibition allowed thousands of visitors to get a closer look to the Mediterranean design scene from a thoughtful, genuine and attentive perspective.

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