Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

A dialogue beyond the performance and the theatre.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Following a public contest with other design studios and agencies in Barcelona, we were chosen as the design studio entrusted with the responsibility of handling the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya’s 2023-2024 campaign. This appointment entailed the creation, design, production, and execution of the overall campaign, which aimed to introduce the new season and adapt the concept for each show as they premiered throughout the season.

As part of this new phase, the theatre sought to reinforce its commitment to exploring fundamental themes through captivating stories brought to life on its stages. Its objective was to maintain its prominent position as a centre for the creation and dissemination of performing arts.

At the start of the project, our primary consideration was to develop a campaign that functioned as a political discourse—a clear statement of intentions that would foster a dialogue. In doing so, we delved into the profound impact of intangible walls that surpass physical barriers, resulting in a shared space for reflection where boundaries effortlessly dissolve.

Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio

Exploring Fundamental Topics

Traditionally, theatrical actions unfold within the confines of three walls that define the stage area. However, a metaphorical fourth wall exists, symbolizing the separation between the audience and the performance.

Breaking this symbolic wall strengthens their purpose, with actors and actresses playing a key role. Their performances not only convey emotions but also invite the audience to participate in evolving reflections on stage, prompting society to engage in introspection.

Our concept revolved around shattering that fourth wall and encapsulating it through the slogan “Trencar el Silenci” (Breaking the Silence). Both the concept and the slogan aimed to consolidate essential values that form an integral part of TNC’s overarching theme of “Una porta al món” (An Open Door to the World).

Transformation as a Form of Creation

By breaking the fourth wall, we transcended the division between actors/actresses and the audience, creating a unique space where both coexist on equal footing.

In doing so, we reinforced the institution’s mission of involving its audience in a reflective discourse that stems from the core of the theatrical creative process. Starting as an individual contemplation, this discourse evolves on stage and challenges society.

Through a compelling message like “Trencar el Silenci,” we vividly illustrated the transformative power of initiating a dialogue beyond the performance and the theatre itself. We aimed to bring forth relevant topics and ignite a socio-cultural conversation.

To reinforce this idea, we employed a narrative concept accompanied by a visual discourse that involved direct camera contact to engage the audience and beckon them to partake in a profound theatrical experience.

Through acting, we sought to convey a natural, genuine, and open attitude. This disposition to engage in dialogue was primarily communicated through the power of eye contact. In this way, we established an emotional connection with the audience, making them an integral part of the theatrical experience.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The campaign possesses inherent flexibility, enabling it to adapt to diverse digital and physical channels and formats.

It was distributed locally through static supports but also utilized dynamic formats that allowed for storytelling in motion. We ensured alignment throughout the various adaptations of the campaign to effectively convey the concept in each medium.

The campaign was rolled out across the city, featuring flags, posters, a subway mural at the Glòries station, buses, and, of course, presentation kits and printed programs for the theatre subscribers.

Atipus | Barcelona-based graphic design studio
Atipus Studio